James Durkee

James graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Political Theory and the University of Georgia with a masters in Communications. He has been a public speaking and debate coach for over 14 years, including positions at several prominent US universities. He currently works in Shanghai for one of the countries’ leading public speaking organizations.

William Keith

William Keith is a professor and corporate trainer in communication skills. He is a Professor of Rhetoric and Argumentation at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  He has taught at four top research universities in the US, and consulted with a number of companies, including Johnson Controls, the Medical College of Wisconsin and the United Way.

He received his PhD from the University of Texas-Austin, and has taught generation of students to public speaking excellence. With Christian Lundberg, he has written two well-regarded textbooks, The Essential Guide to Rhetoric (Bedford St. Martin’s, 2008, 2e 2017) and Public Speaking: Choices and Responsibility (Cengage, 2014, 2e 2016, 3e 2018).

Won Chian Lim

Won graduated from Fudan University with a degree in Law. He has been a public speaking and debate coach for over 7 years. Additionally, he was a District 80 Toastmasters International champion. He is widely considered one of the top public speaking and debate coaches in the country, having lectured at several of the top universities in China.

Peter Newman-Matthews

Peter Newman-Matthews is a presentation skills coach and communication strategist with an M.A. in Communication from UNC-Chapel Hill. His experience in communication training and practice stretches back over a decade. Peter cut his teeth researching conflict resolution in zones of intractable cultural enmity, namely Israel/Palestine and Northern Ireland. This research was supplemented by historical inquiry into political strategies for mitigating internal and external conflict. Peter parlayed this experience into work with variety of government and non-profit organizations attempting to manage conflict with public constituencies. Peter provided input on system-wide communication strategy, as well as direct guidance on a case-by-case basis.

In addition, Peter has trained students and professionals in public presentation. Himself practiced in presenting to audiences exceeding 1000 persons, Peter pairs personal expertise with theoretical best practices to reliably improve communication outcomes for clients. In addition to teaching public presentation skills to students while at UNC, he has presented seminars and offered one-to-one coaching for various local government agencies and officials.

Peter’s advanced research in communication focused on the unique power of value-laden speech in public, political discourse. As such, he emphasizes creative and strategic use of values in any effective presentation or public messaging and enjoys developing persuasive imagery that communicates concisely and powerfully. He sees consistent success working with clients to pair potent messaging with skilled delivery.