Dan A. Shalmon

Chief Analytics Officer and Consulting Principal

External Engagement Coordinator, Cline Center for Advanced Social Research, University of Illinois

Dan Shalmon oversees collaborative research and education projects at the Cline Center, a data science-driven social science organization at the University of Illinois. He has more than 10 years of experience as a strategic communications consultant and social scientist, and a half-decade more as an educator and coach. He has worked as a consultant and contractor for the Department of Defense, other US government agencies, and coalition partners facing analytical and communication challenges. His work focuses on “denied areas” and high-risk environments ranging from Iraq and Afghanistan to the Tri-Border Area in South America and the Sahel. Dan’s corporate experience includes working with a wide array of businesses, ranging from venture capital firms to high-tech start-ups and real-estate businesses.

His academic research focuses on defense, energy, and national security policy choices, as well as the science of extracting and modeling information extracted from natural language at extreme scales and using these data to understand and predict complex and social processes. Dan graduated with honors in Political Science from UC Berkeley and did coursework in Security Studies at Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service and in the doctoral program in Political Science at the University of Illinois.

He has served in research and coaching roles in public policy, communication, and senior campus leadership departments at the University of Oklahoma, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Harvard, and UC Berkeley. Dan is also a national debate champion and has coached top individual speakers, teams, and champions at Berkeley, Harvard, Northwestern, and high schools around the country.