Jonathon Weisenfeld

COO and Consulting Principal

BFA Visual Communications, Auburn University

Jonathon Weisenfeld has worked for both large corporation in-house design service teams as well as small 1-5 employee clients which provided him a wide range of experience in graphic design, visual communication, and brand identity. Interacting with domestic and overseas printers, an extensive in-house product development department, and a dedicated marketing department has given him detailed insight into client/designer relationships and the importance of communication. This interaction and the fast-paced nature of deadline driven projects makes him keenly aware of the weight of a strong brand and the necessity for consistency.

He joined the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center (HSRC) in December 2011 as design services manager, overseeing the print and web design activities of the HSRC and its projects. He is responsible for creating and managing more than 20 HSRC program identities – designing and building web interfaces, designing promotional materials, formatting printed reports and developing marketing collateral. Jonathon worked as the creative director for Performance Bicycles and a staff designer for Global Knowledge Training.