Vocable is pioneering data-driven communication assessment and training.

Vocable offers its clients an unparalleled set of resources for communication assessment and training. Whether your goal is to gauge communication skills for advancement purposes, or as part of a professional development strategy, our methodology ensures results that are data-driven, accurate and fair.  More importantly, the data we collect from assessment equips us to develop training regimen tailored to your needs.

We have developed and executed assessment packages for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Client needs have ranged from seeking a comparative data set on the communication skills of senior leaders to influence promotion decisions, to needing to assess the capability of team-leads to communicate major internal changes to their colleagues.  Whether paired with assessment or as a stand-alone product, we are ready to design a customized, on-site or remote communication training curriculum that draws from current literature on best training practices.

Our competitive advantage in assessment and training derives from our principals, who embody a trifecta of qualifications difficult to find anywhere else. They are people who have Ph.D.s specifically about persuasion in speech and composition;  award winning professors, researchers and coaches; and, who have a track record of real world experience with clients at the highest echelons of corporate and political communication. An example of how that “trifecta” matters: our method – The Vocable Score.

The Vocable Score

Our process begins with a review of your communication-relevant internal competencies. We integrate those competencies into Vocable’s model, which includes more than twenty categories of objectively measurable behaviors that create effective communication, bringing to bear data and technology to assess quantifiable factors like: rate of speech, vocal variation, body language, linguistic complexity and organizational structure. We pair these objective measures with a series of more subjective factors guided by our decades of research and coaching, including factors like: apparent sensitivity to the composition of the audience; efforts at establishing shared values or common ground; and effectiveness in interpreting data for the audience. With a customized model in place for your organization, we design speech exercises that simulate real world business situations and provide your employees with business case materials that assess their ability to compose a persuasive case for internal audiences, external audiences, or any other group of stakeholders that is important to the success of your enterprise. Finally, we observe the simulations (remotely or on-site, as your needs dictate) and run them through our model, creating a “Vocable Score” that provides your employees with a multi-factor, empirically verified evaluation of their performance that balances subjective and objective factors to create the fullest possible picture of their capacities and areas for improvement. As a result, we can offer high quality, individualized programs for developing communication competencies–grounded in the best available data and underwritten by our expertise and experience.


For more information on our customized assessment and training solutions, email us at info@vocablecommunications.com or call us at 919-421-7100.