Crisis Communication

Smooth communication is a vital part of any high-stakes endeavor, from business to politics to personal image. The future is unpredictable—every industry has risks, and five minutes of cable news shows what the impact can be. All of this is magnified in an era of social media. No amount of preparation can escape Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Preparing for crisis is hard, but what’s the point of preparing if you’re only ready when everything goes right?

Vocable Communications’ Crisis Communication Product is like an insurance policy against disaster—and it just might save you everything. We augmented the impressive expertise of our PhD-holding principals with academic research and direct on-the-ground contact with people in high-risk industries and political positions. Our Crisis Communication assessments will help identify the strengths of your team and highlight areas for improvement. We developed realistic scenarios and evaluations to help your team practice handling unpredictable situations on short notice, because in the real world, you only get once chance. Our consulting principals are always available for more one-on-one collaboration to build your skills even further.

If you’re wondering who needs our Crisis Communication product, ask yourself “who needs insurance?” In an age of social media when images are made and broken in the space of minutes, let us give you the confidence to weather any storm.


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