Cross-Cultural Communication

In an increasingly globalized economy, as companies leverage technological development to reach new markets, employees find themselves more frequently interacting with colleagues from different backgrounds and cultures. Cultural differences are too often the source of conflict for companies operating in foreign markets or with diverse teams. Many of these companies are either already working with China or are considering expansion. Some of the world’s largest corporations have attempted and failed to enter the China market, and that is primarily due to the insufficient attention paid to cross-cultural communication practices. Vocable Communications, with a track record of success working with some of the world’s most successful Multi-National Corporations operating in China, is uniquely positioned to help you bridge cultural divides and establish healthy and effective communication practices.

Effective cross-cultural communication is founded on equal parts understanding and practice. Whether you are a business leader looking to improve communication across your enterprise, or an individual investing in your future, Vocable has seminars and training programs to bridge the cultural divides that hinder corporate success. Training focuses on Cultural Awareness and Understanding, Chinese Business Etiquette, Managing Conflict.


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