Levelling Up

When emerging leaders transition into roles requiring increased authority and decision-making in organizations, they must develop and utilize distinct communication skills that allow them to build peer and professional relationships with fellow leaders.

As new hires integrate into organizations, they are socialized into the expectations of the culture. Often, organizations welcome new members into the fold through extensive interviewing to assess for both skill and fit. As employees mature in the organization, the most talented move up the organizational hierarchy, where the role expectations shift. Retaining and developing talent is a key issue for many organizations, particularly those that value a cohesive culture with opportunities for upward advancement and increased responsibility for the most talented and motivated.

Organizations that prioritize developing leaders from within the organization must support newly-promoted managers and newly-minted leaders in developing communication skills necessary in their newly-acquired roles in order to support successful transitions. The communication skills that may have helped the same person succeed as a new, early-career hire may inhibit their success as managers and thought-leaders, even with a demonstrated track record of early career successes.

The development of leadership communication skills is a key bottleneck for talent development as early-career professionals shift into mid-career leaders and managers. Smart and targeted communication training for emerging leaders can help up them more successfully “level up” in their expanding organizational roles.

Vocable Communications has designed a communication assessment and coaching protocol to help emerging leaders cultivate the position-taking, critical listening, critical analysis, and persuasive speaking skills to perform as thought leaders in the organization. The assessment and coaching is anchored in communication research on “agonistic” dialogue (i.e. respectful debate) and organizational leadership.


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