Recruitment Challenges

Hiring top talent is vital for success. But traditional interviews often don’t determine a candidate’s ability to deliver. Two factors drive this disconnect. First, the struggle to create interview experiences that assess a candidate’s on-the-job skills. Second, the unconscious bias of the interviewer. Research has shown that most decisions are made within the first 15 minutes of an interview (often sooner) and that skills-irrelevant factors like the order in which a candidate was interviewed can influence the hiring decision. With these challenges in mind, companies are increasingly looking for ways to simulate actual work experiences for prospective employees and to limit the impact of subjective bias.

Vocable’s unique recruitment product simulates the day-to-day challenges candidates would face in their role and offers a quantified assessment of their abilities. Clients select three role-relevant simulations from our menu (e.g. delivering a stand-up pitch, engaging in a sales call, and navigating conflict with a colleague). Our team runs candidates through a one-hour video experience and delivers a quantified evaluation of their performance across a range of indices. Our data-driven rubrics and expert consultants allow us to reduce subjective bias and to deliver reports that capture each candidate’s strengths and struggles. In addition to helping clients make the right hire, our reports can also serve as a starting point for professional growth. For clients keen to develop new recruits, we offer a coaching package tailored to their unique needs.

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