Vocable Excels at Teaching Public Speaking.

Vocable offers residential training seminars in public speaking with field-leading professors in communication. We have consulted for captains of industry and powerful politicians. We have coached public intellectuals who make their living in the spotlight. We have taught presentation skills, debate, and public speaking at Harvard, Northwestern, Emory, and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

We are convinced that Vocable has assembled one of the best public speaking training teams in the world. It is a bold claim: but we have the bios to back it up.

During your three day residency, we will teach you advanced principles in effective persuasion. We will assess your presentation skills using cutting-edge technology; and will provide you with expert individualized feedback that culminates in a customized personal improvement plan. Our methods have a track record of making good speakers great, and making great speakers incredible.

You will learn concrete, data-driven, and time-tested techniques that are transferable across contexts – from leading an internal meeting, to addressing a packed auditorium.  You will increase your comfort and confidence in speaking, learn to project charismatic presence, and gain insights about persuasion from thought leaders in public speaking.


For more information, contact info@vocablecommunications.com or call us at 919-421-7100.