Vocable helps you inform and inspire.

We all know an outstanding lecture when we hear it. We feel its persuasive pull. But few of us know how those bonds between speaker and hearer are formed. We struggle with inspiration; and when it comes, we struggle with replication.

At Vocable Communications, we lift the hood on what makes a speech truly inspiring. Our principals hold PhDs and professorships in communication-relevant fields. We know what works. But we also understand the academic environment, and how to make what works work for you – whether you are lecturing to a sea of students or presenting to a conference of peers.

Vocable principals have extensive experience working with world-class professors across disciplines. We have access to cutting-edge data about persuasive practices that make a message memorable and position a speaker as a leader. But we also have on-the-ground experience coaching speakers in a wide range of other context – from business leaders to politicians. We bring the best of this experience back into the academic world.

Our university-focused products range from institutional messaging to individual coaching. Unlike most communications firms, out practices are grounded in peer-reviewed data and we assess and train to those results with academic rigor. We have a particular expertise around public speaking seminars that are tailored to the university environment and equip professors for excellence in the classroom and beyond.

For more information on our services for professors and university faculty, email us at info@vocablecommunications.com.